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Ace News Feature: Do you have  a problem with your PC we can offer help and guidance. Just add your details if you are a WordPress blogger in the box provided on this site.

I will reply and give you any advice on the problem or get qualified staff member will help as much as they can.

So if you need help with any PC/Laptop/Tablet or Phone or assistance with open source, Windows OS on either Apple or Android.

Just leave your question and someone will try and help. We will start a Skype for this soon so if we need to help via Audio or remote assistance we can offer this service if required and of course a Twitter account and maybe a Facebook page if it gets busy.

For now, please know we are happy to help

Regards Editor

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News & Views welcome always published as long as NO bad language or is not related to subject matter. 

To keep online information secure, experts recommend keeping your social media accounts private, changing your passwords often, and never answering unsolicited emails or phone calls asking for your personal information. Need help and guidance visit just leave a comment below:

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